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SuprVac 160 and 250 Vacuum Pumps

Pressures to 2 or 20 Torr

These single stage oil sealed rotary vane pumps use 3 vanes that are eccentrically mounted in a rotor and uses centrifugal action to maintain vane contact with the stator walls as it rotates thus creating vacuum.   The air is compressed from the intake port and released through the exhaust port.  The pumps come with an exhaust filter and gas ballast valve for purging condensable vapors.  They also employ an anti-suck back valve so that oil does not enter the space being evacuated upon power outage or by turning off the pump with the system under vacuum.  There are 2 models for each pump one series can reach 20 Torr pressures the other (H) series employ an oil re-circulating system to allowing them to reach pressures of 2 Torr.  Electrical configurations are variable based on customer demand.  Standard motor is 230/460 3 Phase  60 Hz.  Explosion proof and European frequencies are available.  




• Vacuum Drying

• Environmentally friendly  

• Vacuum Storage

• Oil mist eliminator

• Vacuum Packing

• Low noise levels

• Labeling Machines

• Oil return check valve

• Vacuum Forming

• Anti-Suck back valve 

• Glove Boxes

• Gas ballast valve

• Vacuum Filtration  
• Absorption and transport of
  packing material

Pressure Flow Chart


A 35.8”L  910mm
B 21”W 530mm
C 2” Inlet  
D 15.5”H 395mm
E 11” Base w 280mm
F 8.85” Base L 225mm

These pumps compete directly with pumps historically produced by either Becker or Busch vacuum.  They perform in the same manner, reach the same pressures, just cost less.  If you are looking for a good pump, at a good price give us the chance to quote.  

Catalog Number    Model Number 
92714-001     SuprVac 160  
92715-001     SuprVac 250 

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