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Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves sold by HyVac come in two basic types those rated to 29.5" mercury vacuum and those rated for 10-6 Torr which is higher vacuum. They come in two basic configurations "normally open" and "normally closed". They all function using electromagnetic power to drive a piston or diaphragm. A normally open valve is open when no electricity is supplied to the coil. A normally closed valve is closed when there is no power supplied. Usually the normally closed valves are used to maintain vacuum in systems and the normally open valves are used as "vacuum breakers". Because they are electrically actuated, there is no need for air power and all one needs is electricity. It also means they can be used in conjunction with programmable logic controllers or digital acquisition systems if unattended operation is desired.

HyVac has various sized valves for your consideration. They come standard with a female national pipe thread (NPT) fitting on both sides of the valve. They come standard at 115V 60 Hz although other electrical configurations are available including 24VDC, 220V, 380V, 480V coils and 50Hz frequency. Standard is a regular housing. Optional housing is explosion proof. Operating Temp. 32-125 Deg F.

All valves outlined below are 115V 60Hz..

Normally Closed

HyVac Part# Description
P90703-400 3/8" Nor.Closed
P90703-401 1/2" Nor.Closed
P90703-402 3/4" Nor.Closed
P90703-406 1" Nor.Closed
P90703-408 1 1/2" Nor.Closed

Normally Open

HyVac Part# Description
P90703-400-1 3/8" Nor.Open
P90703-401-F 1/2" Nor. Open
Users wanting to run to maximum benefit should consider a programmable logic controller or DA system to control valve actuation in shut down and startup modes. A delay needs to be incorporated into set up to assure vacuum pressure maintained at shut down if pressures less than 29.5" Hg needs to be held in system.

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