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HyVac RGA return suggestions for pumps sent to HyVac.

We suggest you call us first for a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) Form.

Dear Customer :

Enclosed please find the white and yellow copy of your Returned Goods Authorization (RGA). The white copy of the RGA form is for your records as a follow-up copy until the disposition of your pump or return is finalized. The second yellow copy or good photocopy of the RGA form MUST be sent as a packing slip along with your shipment so that the return is routed to the correct department for repair and not lost in with the other pumps here at HyVac. Pumps received without a Xeroxed copy or this yellow copy of the RGA can not be processed.

Please use the following procedures for returning the product:

1. Please detail the problems you are having with the pump. Simply saying the pump is not pulling vacuum is like saying my car won't go. Taking 5 minutes to write us your problem (On the RGA form), what kind of system you have the pump on, and what problems you are experiencing will help us tremendously in helping you. Thanks in advance.

2. Drain all pump oil. Many pumps come in to us covered with oil because of not emptying them before shipment which potentially can ruin the motor. Since we do not know what you are doing with the pump there is a potential to health hazard to our employees.  Package the RGA well to avoid in transit damage. A suggestion would be to use a plywood box or the original package the article was sent to you in. Numerous articles returned to us are further damaged due to improper packaging. A little care in the shipping of the pump back to us will insure that we don't have to call you about inbound freight damage to us. We don't like having to make those calls, and you don't like getting them, they waste time and money. If damage occurs in transit, a detailed Damage Report will be filled out at HyVac and faxed to you as soon as possible to assist in action on your end. If you receive a damage report from us for freight into HyVac, it is YOUR responsibility to contact YOUR carrier and arrange inspection.

3. Please make sure the packing material is such that it will protect the unit and insure product quality; i.e., bubble pack, spray in place foam, cardboard inserts, etc. Please DO NOT pack HyVac pumps with Styrofoam chips or peanuts. These items can lodge themselves in the motor, melt and destroy the motor during initial evaluation. You can bag the pump and use peanuts. If possible bolt the pump to a good quality pallet/skid.

4. Please mark all cartons on the outside with your RGA number. This is necessary to help identify the RGA being received and to know the return has been authorized. ALL RGA's MUST be shipped PREPAID. In the past, HyVac has paid many freight bills for pumps that were not wrong or warrantee, only to find out later we could not get the reimbursement from the issuing company. If there are problems with the systems or system at the users end, it should not be HyVac's responsibility to foot the freight bill. On warranty claims, a good 50% of the time we find the pumps are performing to spec. We take great effort and time to try and help trouble shoot pumps and systems over the phone, at no cost to the end user. Although this works most times, sometimes it doesn't. We have been forced to adopt this somewhat unfriendly position due to being treated unfairly enough times by the "bad apples of the world". If this freight pre-paid procedure is not followed, our policy now dictates the pump is not allowed to enter our facility. If the unit is not under warranty, you are responsible for ALL freight charges. To those "good apples" out there, we apologize for our rigid stance on this issue and assure you that if, it is a valid warranty claim, we will bear the burden. If it is a valid claim, HyVac will refund the freight on warranteed pumps.

5. Unfortunately we have also stopped lending pumps out to "hold the customer over" until theirs is fixed.  We got stuck here also.  Not our way of doing business, but we have been forced to this position.   Our apologies to the honest people of the world.

6. Unfortunately we also no longer ship any new "replacement" pump until we receive back the bad pump.  We also tried this before, all to our detriment.  Not our way of doing business, but again we have been forced to this position.  Our apologies to the honest people of the world.

11/25/2005 ęCopyright HyVac Products, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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