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Shaft Seal Construction and Material Selection

Shaft seals are integral to all HyVac vacuum pumps. They separate the outside of the pump to the oil sump inside the pump and allow for drive shaft exit of the pump itself in a leak free manner. Because of HyVacs' migration over the last 3 years to lip seals from mechanical seals, the user has a wider variety of options available in order to attack problem applications based on chemical and shaft seal incompatibilities. These options have been organized on an increasing cost basis. In other words, the prices increase as option numbers increase. Even option 3, perfluoro elastomers, is not an outrageous solution if you are experiencing premature shaft seal failure on a regular basis.

Standard - Buna-N - The standard factory issue seal material for HyVac pumps is a good, oil and water-resistant seal.

Option 1 - EPDM - A seal of choice where fluoro elastomers fail and a solvent mix is the problem. This is a good choice before all out war using perflouro elastomers.

Option 2 - Fluoro Elastomers - One of the original, chemically resistant, elastomers that can be counted on for good to excellent performance in most solvent, acid and basic contaminated systems.

Option 3 - Perfluoro Elastomers - Space age elastomer that is chemically inert ( means impervious to most chemical attack) and is useful as a sealant in all systems except those involved with Fluorocarbon based solvents.

Call HyVac customer service if you need help in selecting a shaft seal material and to determine availability. Generally buna-N and perfluoro elastomers are easy to get or in stock, the others wait a bit.

Chemical compatibility chart coming soon. This will enable you to determine a plan of attack based on your specific problem area.

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