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This page is created in order to allow some user download files we feel may be of benefit.  There is no implied or expressed warranty regarding these files.  They are made available as a service for education of our customer base.

PumpFlow.xls - This HyVac Products, Inc. file is in MS Excel 2000 Format and allows the user to determine pump requirements for mechanical high vacuum pumps using accepted standard vacuum calculations.  The user inputs pressures, volume to be evacuated and time to evacuate.  The resultant numbers can then be compared with vacuum pump offerings from HyVacs' line of high vacuum pumps.  The numbers can be compared effectively for other similar high vacuum pumps but are predicated on using an oil sealed rotary vane pump. This is a standard pump for many applications and makes assumptions from these given "pump" efficiencies.  It is not perfect but gives the user a benchmark from which to start sizing a pump for an application.  Assumes a perfectly vacuum tight and a non-outgassing system in other words "perfect world" which few of us live in.

Convert-It.exe - A nice little windows based unit conversion program for establishing conversions among a number of differing measured units.  I like it because it also features pressure values, along with standard volume conversions.

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