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Why was this established and how do we use it?

In order to help our customers, this document has been created to help trouble shoot technical support questions. This support documentation will be added to as time goes by, so as to become more complete and comprehensive. This document and its supporting pages or hyperlinks uses an older technology that is used today internally at HyVac and extensively on the Internet. This technology is called hypertext markup language or HTML. When the mouse pointer or cursor turns into a hand over a "hyperlink" there is more information to go to. By continuing to follow the "hyperlinks" one can get more detailed information on a specific topic. Hyperlinks generally are bolded and blue in color. It is very advisable that to get the most from this page that you have a copy of Adobe Acrobat on your computer to view the technical drawings.  If you do not have ask for help from the computer specialists.

Because you are able to "drill down" and then back out of a given topic or information thread, it is possible to impart a great deal of product specific knowledge quickly. Because this was established internally on HyVac's Intranet the goal has always been to improve customer service on technically related questions from customers. Ultimately, a brand new employee or person with little technical expertise but, the ability to use this tool, can help the customer by being technically competent regarding imparting knowledge of our various products.  Because this was ported to the HyVac Internet site the customer also has the ability to help themselves and be self supportive.

After loading into MS Word or a WEB browser a "linked page" will be part of the page, you will see a special "navigation" message bar on the top of MS Word or your browser with a left and right arrow key to be considered forward and back and can be used in navigating the highlighted "linked pages". When the cursor is over a link, the cursor changes to a hand signifying more information is available. "Hot links" appear in blue on the page and are underlined or.....

In links to exterior pages like wikapedia.com the internets user supported encyclopedia it will be in green as a linked page.  If you ever need a quick education on something you might check this great internet asset out.

If you have any other questions please ask someone who knows about computers, "browsing" and our Intranet or the Internet.

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