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Request For Quotation

The purpose of these questions is to better and faster service your informational or purchasing requests. We ask a number of questions that are designed to help us understand your end application and how we might be of assistance. With the full information entered we will be able to quickly size or price the equipment you are seeking.

We would like to conclude with a BIG THANK YOU for considering us in this request.

This survey is divided into the following sections:

Fill out the information in each section as requested. Then at the end of the form supply your name and contact information, and submit the form. You will receive a confirmation message from us shortly.

SECTION A -- What is your application?

Please enter your end use application for the vacuum pump your are seeking. It is important to know this as sometimes auxiliary equipment will be recommended to make sure your pump has a long and happy life. We have a long history with applications and the pitfalls they may present to an end user.

  1. What is your end application ? Please answer as best you can.

  2. How many of these pumps will you need?:
    None 1-2 pumps 3-5 pumps 6-20 pumps A Whole Truckload!!!

  3. We would like to send you some literature. What is your mailing address?
    Zip Code
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SECTION B -- Pump We are Looking For.

If you know what you want this is the form to use.

  1. We are looking for the following vacuum pumps.
    Direct Drive Belt Drive Don't Care Don't Know

  2. What vacuum pressure are you looking for?

  3. What size pump are you looking for (in cubic feet per minute)?

  4. How big is the space being evacuated (in cubic feet)?

  5. How fast do you have to evacuate the area in question?

  6. Select the key purchase desire:
    Noise Level
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SECTION C -- Help Us Out Here Please

These are the instructions for filling out this section.

  1. We buy lots of vacuum stuff every year. Which products do you currently own?
    Vacuum Pumps Vacuum Fittings Custom Vacuum Stuff
    Vacuum Pump Oil Vacuum Gauges Precision Machining
    Vacuum Traps Spare Parts Rebuilding Services


    Please enter any additional comments regarding our products or services:
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Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions in our survey.
We will be back to you as soon as possible to respond thanks again.

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Revised: November 23, 2005.