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We will NEVER, EVER, SELL, TRADE or ABUSE your email address.

Email - Well the function of email is under attack from the email spammers in an effort to make this communication method as inefficient as possible verging on un-usability.  We have made an effort to remove any and all email tags from the HyVac Website.  The original email addresses on the website were receiving, on average, close to 200 spam emails a day.  This is after going thru a spam hardware brick and then thru a traditional email spam enhanced filtering system.  Nothing seems to help accept to send these guys into an empty or non-existent email address and have them get the feedback that the target email address simply no longer works.  As a result the email addresses at HyVac will now become fluid and be changed as often as needed to minimize the garbage emails and keep us focused on our customers and suppliers.

This means our customers and suppliers need to make a little more effort.  Please book mark the web site site under your favorites listing for vacuum.  This enables you to quickly find a current good working email address should the last one no longer work.  Simply click on the top Home button, that takes you to our main home page, then add it to your favorites under a heading of vacuum sources.  As a suggestion, the phone number always works 9-5 EST, it's free to you and we have no voice mail system, if we are there, we will pick up the phone and you get a real person based in the good ole USA.  If we are not there, simply leave us a message and we will call you back.  We apologize for this extra effort but is unfortunately needed. 

One final suggestion is that the subject line be something topical to VACUUM.  This keeps the arbitrary decision, delete mode we currently are in, at bay, and makes sure your email passes the spam judgment call.  This allows us to deal with real customers and real issues related to our businesses, helping you with your business and your issues.  Subject lines like "YOUR Email" just don't cut it any more.  We have made an effort to help here, you get a starting subject line we will easily recognize.  Please add on the end of the provided line or change it, but please make sure it is topical to your question.


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