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HyVac Filter Elements

Filter Element Options for Traps from HyVac.

Many different types of trapping media have been devised to help eliminate all those nasty things from getting into your vacuum pump. The best method to determine the correct trapping media to employ is to make a list of all the chemicals or items that you feel could potentially get sucked into the vacuum pump. After you have your list together give us a call. There are so many different types of things being done with vacuum pumps, it gets a little overwhelming to try and have a fix for all of them. We do have some solutions and the ones following are a good cross section and relatively inexpensive. We also have more sophisticated solutions available that can get pretty expensive but can also get much more effective.

From all the pumps we see at our factory back for service or repair there is no doubt that foreign contamination is one of the largest slayers of all types and makes of vacuum pumps. We see pumps all rusted up and with oil that just slumps out of the case it is so contaminated and oxidized. To the other argument we have pumps that have been in service in excess of 40 years with out a hitch. A little planning, protection and care goes along way with these machines.

Acid Neut - Employs Potassium hydroxide (this is a very basic chemical) in a filter element to neutralize acidic vapor streams. There is a blue indicator included in the element to tell when the trap becomes loaded. When an acid comes into contact with an alkaline or basic chemical that is present in the trap, there is a reaction and water and salt creation are the byproducts. By neutralizing the majority of the acid stream the pump is more protected.

Activated Carbon - Typically this filter is used to trap organic solvents like aliphatic and aromatic solvents. The filter can be expected to trap 20% by weight of solvents coming across from the system. As this type of filter element loads with solvent, the user will see an increase in pump down time to reach the vacuum pressure desired. Because the material is micro-crystalline graphite it is a good selection for trapping oils and hydrocarbon based products.  This type of material can also be employed to trap mercury.

Activated Alumina - Used for high molecular weight hydrocarbon molecules and is also effective for acidic streams.

Copper Mesh - These are a filter for particulates. They provide a large surface area for the trapping of some condensable vapors but the main purpose of this filter is to keep large coarse particles out of the pump.  They also help in backstreaming oil but the molecular sieve traps are more effective.

Cellulose Acetate - A good filter which can double as both a particulate and strong acid filter. It is constructed of virgin wool and cotton fibers. These traps adsorb the material and hold it on their very large surface area. They are a good choice for small particle trapping as they can reach retention sizes in the low micron range.

Mercury Traps - See Activated Carbon

Molecular Sieve - Uses 13x zeolites for trapping. Usually employed to stop oil back streaming from vacuum pumps at low pressures. Zeolites are chemical items that look like a sponge under the microscope. The pours in the zeolite are what trap the molecules. These trapping elements are often used for limiting an activity known as oil back streaming which occurs in oil sealed rotary vane pumps where the oil in the pump is exposed to high vacuum pressures for extended periods of time. Some traps (not VITs) can be heated to actually purge trapped molecules and as a means to regenerate the zeolite material employed.

Pleated Type - Standard HyVac particulate trap comes in 5 or 10 micron retention sizes our standard is 10 micron that comes in the basic traps.  We also have available 1 and 2 micron filters for very fine dust.

Stainless Steel Mesh
- Used same as copper mesh but made from 304 stainless steel. It is the material of choice for particulate trapping in systems which tend toward more acidic or basic vapor streams.  Also help in oil backstreaming but molecular sieve are more effective.

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