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Prices For Vacuum Fittings by Size

You can look at these fittings also by NW size.  We have also provided a downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF formatted spreadsheet / order form with the prices included, to make it easy for ordering.  Simply download it, print it, put in the quantity desired, fax it to us and we will take care of the rest.  Makes a good list for going over the system or for making a list of what fittings you actually need on a given system.  If you want them all, we put them in a zip file for you.  Download it and unzip it for all four sizes.
Size of Fitting Web Price List Prices & PDF Order Form
NW16 / QF16 / KF16 NW16_Fittings.PDF
NW25 / QF25 / KF25 NW25_Fittings.PDF
NW40 / QF40 / KF40 NW40_Fittings.PDF
NW50 / QF50 / KF50 NW50_Fittings.PDF
NW16 Thru NW50
Pricing All of Them
I want them all please!!!


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