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Thermocouple Type Electronic Vacuum Gauges

These vacuum gauges will typically measure from 0-2000 micron mercury vacuum which is equivalent to 0-2mm mercury vacuum.  Remember atmospheric pressure is typically 760mm with full vacuum being 0mm.  They are the best choice for systems running in excess of 29.9 inches of mercury vacuum and not requiring acccuracy at pressures less than 5 micron.

Analog Gauge - 0-2000µ Uses DV-23 Vacuum Gauge Tube

LED Style Gauge 0-2000µ Uses DV-26M Vacuum Gauge Tube

Also Available :

Digital Vacuum Gauge 0-2000µ with digital readout.

Digital Vacuum Gauge 0-2000µ with digital readout and 2 set points.

MicroVac Gauge 0-2000µ

Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauge to 10-9 Torr

Vacuum Computer

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