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Vacuum Computer Controllers

Model 300 and 400 Vacuum Controllers and Process computers

HyVac process computers are used to control vacuum processes such as freeze drying, coating, metalizing, heat treating, etc.

Two types of computers can be used, depending on the degree of complexity.  Both units are programmed in a BASIC, so software changes are easily made.

The Model 300 uses a highly powerful general purpose computer and the Model 400 uses the state of the art, cost effective, PIC controller.

Process computers are offered in cost effective open configuration for embedding in a customer's system, or in the rack mounted enclosures. .

Our computers can be interfaced to Vacuum Transmitters such as the Edwards AIM gauge or the Granville-Phillips Convectron for wide range use.


12 Bit A to D converter                    
Two vacuum ports
+/- .2 Deg C traceable Thermometers
RS-232 serial ports
10 thermometer channels 
Proportional vacuum control valves
8 process control outputs
Automatic restart
PC interface for graphic display of process values (see "Custom Programming")
Real-Time Clock
PC control of process set-points ("recipes")
PC starting and stopping of process
Local 80 character (40 x 2 lines) backlit     display
Direct line printer drive
Non-Volatile memory for process variables

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