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Vacuum Gage Tubes

These items are used on the thermocouple vacuum gages and are the transducer end on the end of the cord that actually measures the vacuum pressure. They contain noble wires in them that are used to measure the vacuum pressure. These wires can get dirty or oxidized over time. When this happens, the gauges will read higher pressures than what is really present. Try as we might, we can't seem to clean them back to zero.  We resell these because we buy quantity for our own consumption during the testing phase of our vacuum pumps.

There are only a couple players in this field so we have most available for supply to our customers. :

tc_gauge_tubes.gif (36293 bytes)

We have other types and styles available from most major manufacturers.

Your gage / gage tube combination should always be recalibrated upon installation of a new tube.

HyVac Products also carries a line of specialized thermocouple gauge tubes that can be used in calibrating vacuum gauge controllers.  These gauge tubes have a standardized vacuum pressure rating on them.  By plugging them into the vacuum gauge head or controller it is possible to adjust the value read on the gauge to the "standard" employed.  These calibration tubes afford a quick and accurate means to comply with quality control requirements demanded in today's active and competitive marketplace.

cal tube.gif (44344 bytes)Calibration Tubes

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