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Wide Range TC Gauge 760 Torr - .001 Torr 

                  One Gauge for a Wide Range of Pressures 

A Better Mousetrap.

WR-100P - Panel Mount Model

  Panel Mount

WR-100   - Desk Top Model

HyVac has now a new wide range vacuum gauge that scales from atmospheric pressure to 10-4 Torr. The HyVac Model WR-100 Digital Vacuum Gauge is a great gauge for users wishing to watch the vacuum pressure drop from atmosphere to the rough and high vacuum ranges.  This provides benefits over traditional thermocouple gauges that only start to scale after 29” of mercury vacuum has been reached.   Because of this fact the user does not now need a bourdon tube gauge or other additional gauge to monitor these pressure ranges on initial system pump down.  This benefit is really great because the user gets a "number" between atmosphere and 2 Torr (2mm Hg Vacuum) after which the accuracy of the TC gauge tube takes over.  Now understand the "number" achieved in this early or high pressure range is not accurate BUT it is a number that shows relative progression through this higher pressure range which is a big benefit.  Once the 2 Torr (2mm) range is reached the user can expect traditional thermocouple accuracy down into the mid to high vacuum range .001mm.

The Model WR-100 is bench mounting while the Model WR-100P is designed for panel mounting in customers' equipment using the included panel mounting bracket.  The  WR-100P is also available with one or two control outputs.  Either model can be ordered with an optional RS-232 serial port.  The gauge tube transducer employed in the system uses a standard 1/8” MNPT fitting for system attachment.  It should be mounted within 10 degrees of vertical.  The Model WR-100P comes with a switching regulator power supply that can be connected to either 115 or 220 VAC. 50/60 hz. The Model WR-100 is by default supplied for 115 VAC.  .

There is a terminal strip on the back of the WR-100P panel mount gauge allowing for a variety of relay outputs and for gauge power.  

Note: not all WR-100P units have control outputs. The option outputs available are SPDT, 250 VAC, 7 amps.  The normally open contacts or close them once the vacuum setpoint is reached.

At atmosphere, the unit reads  760 Torr.    A visible decimal point indicates that the unit is reading in Torr.  As pressures are decreased toward full vacuum, the unit's readings will shift to 99.0,  9.99,  and finally to 999   When no decimal points are visible, the unit is reading in millitorr or microns of mercury vacuum.

Features and Options:

The WR-100P gauge comes with two adjustable set-points.

RS-232 Output  is also available for either model and can be supplied for external data logging. The output can be seen on any computer with a serial port.  For example, any PC running Windows Terminal or Hyperterm will show the output.  For special applications, such as logging of data, HyVac offers custom Visual Basic Applications which log data at selected intervals, and provide a high resolution plot of the data on a black and white or color printer.   

On special orders, analog outputs (for driving strip chart recorders and similar equipment) are available.

If the gauge is to be used in a neon sign processing facility, it must be installed with a stopcock or a solenoid valve to protect it from exposure to the system and possible damage during high voltage bombarding


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