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Air Powered Vacuum Pump

These are simple vacuum pumps based on a venturi airflow design that can be used for vacuum pressures up to 28" of mercury vacuum. The pumps require a source of compressed air in order to function but require no electricity. Once the source is hooked up the pumps can be set up to reach vacuum pressures from atmospheric pressure to 28" and all pressures in between can be regulated. They can be considered for continuous operation and require very little maintenance and come with a 5-year warranty against defects. They are very small, lightweight and portable if desired. They are relatively inexpensive. Vacuum inlet ports are 1/8" NPT and can be fitted with pipe fittings and hose connections to accommodate most common inside diameters of commercial vacuum hose, air compressor or piping lines.

These pumps are really good choices for pick and place applications, vacuum conveying, vacuum filtering, degassing liquids, vacuum forming/molding vacuum chucking of parts for machining, laminate manufacturing and vacuum packaging.  Because they are air powered they also can be controlled using PLCs or digital acquisition systems to automate processes.

Because these pumps are powered by compressed air, the noise level is the same as an compressed air line venting. Care should be taken if selection of this style pumps when noise is objectionable or undesirable. It is possible to remotely locate the pumps where this obstacle, if objectionable, can be easily overcome. Also the user should consider the cost of compressed air if these pumps are to be used on a long-term basis or for continuous duty applications.  Noise may also be objectionable for continuous use.

Optional exhaust silencers are available for all models. Optional airflow valve / regulator for these models is also available for all models allowing for varying compressed air flows.

Catalog Number Model Designation Flow
97800-001 Air-Vac 19 0.7 cfm free airflow, 19 Liter per minute.
97805-001 Air-Vac 40 1.2 cfm free airflow, 40 Liter per minute.
97810-001 Air-Vac 60 2.0 cfm free airflow,  60 Liter per minute.
97815-001 Air-Vac 100  3.5 cfm free airflow, 100 Liter per minute.
97820-001 Air-Vac 150 5.0 cfm free airflow, 150 Liter per minute.
97825-001 Air-Vac 200 7.0 cfm free airflow, 200 Liter per minute.
97830-001 Air-Vac 300 10 cfm free air flow.

Principle of Operation
When compressed air is forced through a conical nozzle, its velocity increases.  This principle was discovered by a 18th century physicist, G. B. Venturi and can be applied to generate vacuum economically without a single moving part.

Multi Venturi Design:  Some of HyVac's’ vacuum venturis incorporate a series of nozzles. Each nozzle has a progressively larger orifice selected to extract the maximum amount of energy from the compressed air flowing through it.  This optimizes the levels of vacuum generated.  Normally, no special pre filters are required because the venturi nozzles are aligned to allow "straight through" air flow. Thus any air line contaminants or condensable easily clear the generator without clogging or building up.

Compressed Air Driven:  Venturis’ are easy to install. They operate efficiently on shop air (20-90 PSI) and are well suited for explosion-proof applications. There is no RF noise generated to effect electrical or electronic systems.  These units can be arranged together in a manifold to increase flow if needed.

Compact Size:  Allows the pump as the vacuum source to be placement closer to the point of use. Shorter air lines cost less and quicken the response time.

Light Weight Construction:  Most models weigh less then two pounds providing maximum flexibility and mounting ease.

Superior Control:  Vacuum levels are controlled by adjusting inlet pressure. Pumps can be cycled on and off by controlling inlet pressure rather then the vacuum line. Thus, there is no wasted energy.  Control may be manual or automated.  Vacuum pressure may also be adjusted on the vacuum side by using ¼ turn ball valves or introducing another form of leak.

No Moving Parts:  Expect extra long pump life with no lubrication required.

Quiet Operation:  All multi-venturi pumps come equipped with the HyVac straight through air flow silencers. The silencers muffle exhausted air resulting in low noise levels in the 60-65db range, without creating back pressure on the pump or air pressure source.

All metal construction.  Pumps are standard in aluminum but can be manufactured in other materials such as stainless steel for corrosive applications.

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