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HyVac RG Blowers

HyVac RG Blowers are very simple oil free vacuum pumps for a variety of applications.  Typically they perform well to about 16” of HG vacuum ( 217” H2O ) or about 400 Torr.  They have a number of benefits including relatively low noise level and freedom from most maintenance issues. They are also compact and lightweight.  They can handle both vacuum and pressure applications although; we are primarily involved with the vacuum side.  They are a good choice for replacement of rotary vane or rotary lobe type pumps in high-pressure vacuum applications. They operate at 3600 rpm and come with standard 3 phase TEFC motors.

The RG 85 uses a 3.5 HP motor rated at 10/5 amps.  It weighs 88 lbs and has a sound level of 70dB.  It is a pulsation less source of continuous duty vacuum pressure.

We have a full line of Regen Blowers bigger volumes.  The main thing to understand is they only go to 16 inches of mercury vacuum but they are an excellent source of big air volume flow to this pressure.  They are small and relatively quiet.   They can be manifolded together to reach very large requirements.





























































85 CFM at Atmospheric pressure

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