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Manuals For Vacuum Pumps

Manuals are available for all HyVac Vacuum Pumps and accessories.   We charge a nominal fee for these items due to costs associated with printing and processing an order for them.  They generally all include an exploded view diagram of the vacuum pump, complete parts list, hints and suggestions for improved pump life and principles of operation.

These manuals cover vacuum pumps produced originally by CENCO, then by Boekel Industries, and now by HyVac Products, Inc.

HyperVac 100-1500 Direct Drive Manual

HyperVac 2000 Series Manual

30 / 55L Direct Drive Manual

PressoVac / HyVac 1 / MegaVac Manual - Belt Drive Pumps

HyVac 2-45 Manual - Two Stage Belt Drive Pumps

HyVac 7s-45s Manual - Single Stage Belt Drive Pumps

SuprVac Direct Drive Manuals

PressoVac Diaphragm Pumps

Gauges Digital, Analog, High and Ultra High Vacuum Gauges

Traps LN2, Dry Ice and Molecular Sieve


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