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Repair Kits

Repair Kits are available for most HyVac Vacuum Pumps. We also have repair kits for most other manufacturers of vacuum pumps.  Usually they are most affordable way to overhaul the pump at the users location assuming someone is familiar with pumps and acceptable tolerances. HyVac vacuum pumps are really somewhat simple in operation and can be easily rebuilt. Our technical support folks are just a phone call away if you need advice or assistance. The picture to the left is a typical repair kit for our standard HyVac pump. HyVac vacuum pumps are renown for their long life. Given some care it is not unusual for one of our pumps to be anywhere from 10-20 years old as a minimum. Usually one should plan a free half a day to adequately install and test the installation of one of our repair kits. We might direct you to our trouble shooting technical support section on this web prior to ordering, to truly make sure you need a repair kit. There are a number of things that potentially could cause problems with vacuum systems and vacuum pumps in general. If after you have reviewed that section feel free to send us an order for one of these we like orders really we do.
A Word of Caution: If your pump is locked up, you may need more than a repair kit. If you aren't somewhat mechanically inclined and use to this type of thing, we might advise against it. If you mess up and can't get it to work, we can. We do both major and minor overhauls on all types and brands of mechanical vacuum pumps. Sometimes it isn't worth the time and frustration. Remember, a good pump will pull 1 micron or better. Trust us, there is a thin line between 1 micron and say 250 micron. That is why all pumps that we ship are tested and run for 5 days prior to release to inventory or shipment. Even then, we mess up, not often mind you, but every now and then we get caught and we do this day in and day out.

Included in a typical repair kit

  1. Shaft seal
  2. Shaft seal gasket
  3. Vanes of requisite number for pump involved
  4. Housing gaskets
  5. Exhaust valves
  6. Exhaust valve limiters
  7. Vane pins
  8. Vane pin springs
  9. Thrust washers
  10. Truarc rings
  11. Shaft keys
  12. Technical Support

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