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Metal Bell Jars

HyVac metal bell jars are available from HyVac in any number of sizes and configurations.  All bell jars are rated for full vacuum.  They are made of the highest quality 304 stainless steel to assure full performance over a wide temperature range.   They are typically made on a custom basis and often exceed the dimensional specifications that standard glass bell jars can accommodate.

Since they are fabricated to customer specification it is quite acceptable to have unusual dimensions. 

Since it can get rather dark inside of one of these if the process needs to be reviewed as progression occurs then incorporation of viewing windows is generally part of the equation.  4” is pretty standard, conflat style an option.

Often an installation will have 2 viewing windows one for viewing and the other to accommodate a light source.  Location of light source is generally best at 90 degree from viewing window.  Since it is a metal jar the holes for vacuum source, relief valve and feed through do not necessarily have to be base mounted, as with glass jars.  Accommodation for these ports can be made on the body of the jar.  Holes to accommodate vacuum source, relief valves and mechanical or electrical feed-throughs are easily accommodated.  

Depending on vacuum pressures being attacked the user may consider other materials of construction.

Vacuum Bell Jar Bases / Plates

These bases are made of 304 stainless steel, steel or 6061 aluminum again to customer specification.  They can be either configuration and are typically 1” thick.  They mount either on a bench top or can be floor mounted.  They can have legs or be flush. 
We provide 2 main holes, typically 1/2" or 3/4" FNPT one in the center and one somewhere out towards the plates main diameter.  We also provide between 4 and 6, 3/8-16 straight tapped holes at locations roughly 1" in from main diameter.  These are used to affix legs or for bolting to a table top or cart.

Vacuum Bell Jar Hoists

Depending on size these jars can get into some weight.  We also supply winches or hoists to facilitate raising and lowering of the jars in a suitably controlled speed.

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