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Vacuum Storage Tanks

These heavy-duty steel tanks are constructed for HyVac, for use as vacuum receiver tanks. They are horizontal in their orientation and have a "deck" or platform on top on which to locate a vacuum pump and associated control equipment. They can be made to be vertical also if floor space is at a premium.  They are designed for use with full vacuum and are constructed to ASME and National Board Standards. Their design temperature use is 20-650 Degree F. They have elliptical heads and all seams are created using the submerged arc welding process. Tanks are painted Grey color. The tanks have a number of openings available for vacuum gauges or auxiliary lines. The main fitting size is listed other openings are smaller. All openings are of standard, female, national pipe thread design (FNPT). Complete systems employing these tanks are available for purchase as HyVac Receiving Systems.

Specifications for Vacuum Tanks

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