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Degassing Systems


Degassing Systems
HyVac routinely gets requests for designing and or supplying parts for degassing systems using a vacuum pump to degas the end product.  Typically the customers are degassing everything from toothpaste to water samples.  We do large systems and small systems.  Before we can get too much down the road toward pricing things for the customer we typically need the following information to help you.  The answers often dictate how we design the system or even decide on what pumps to consider for the application involved.

HyVac can put together most or all of the parts for small degassing systems.  These can be accomplished using bell jars, bell jar bases, pumps and fittings.  We also have an off the shelf product that we sell as a cold trap that can be used as a degassing chamber.  If you are looking to degas small amounts of epoxies, silicones, RTV rubbers, jewelry casting or whatever then we can help you set up a system for this procedure.

These systems typically can be pumped using one of our single stage vacuum pumps.  Before you call some information regarding your system would be of help.  Technical information on the types of materials to be degassed should be ready to discuss.  A copy of MSDS sheets for the compounds will help us determine if there are problem solvents or other materials involved in your processing that need some kind of trapping.

First off what is being degassed?

If it is a light viscosity product then the air can sometimes come out at higher pressures but depends again on customer desires but we maybe can decide on less expensive pumps or components depending on the answer.  Typically with RTV rubbers, heavy viscosity products, sealants and such we need to hit these mixes with a pretty decent vacuum pressure to get all the air out.  Something like 5 Torr or 29.5" Hg vacuum.

 Answers to the following questions help us, help you, if the answers are available it will cut down any question marks on performance and making you happy.
    Viscosity ?
    End vacuum pressure desired?
    How Fast?  Is there a “pot life”? 
    Sometimes contaminates from the item being evacuated can cause issues with the pump or           system, but we many times can advise you on this.
    Is there any heat on the system side or is it at room temperature?

We make pumps and system components so it helps us to know what we are dealing with.
    Is it a big system or a little system.
        Space being evacuated?
    Do you need the whole thing or just parts?
A typical degassing system is generally composed of the following items some necessary, some are optional.
1. A vacuum pump to degas the system.
          Full vacuum or less?
2. A chamber in which to place the item being degassed.
          Glass chamber (bell jar) with plate or
          Stainless steel chamber of some kind (custom)
3. A gauge (optional) to decide when the process is complete or for quality control
          Can be cheap $50-600 depending on accuracy.
    Valves for releasing pressure or maintaining a specific pressure.
    Hose and fittings to hook it all up.
    Our labor if you want a turnkey assembled and tested system.

As you may have deduced, there are a number of variables in this decision and if you can help eliminate some of the questions than we can easily price a system to you.  These are regular items for us we probably have from 2-4 on order as I write this so again, we do these all the time from Fortune 500 to small companies.  No major complaints yet.

It depends on a number of things, but a typical lead time might be like 2-4 weeks but again depends on what is involved off the shelf items or custom things.  On small systems we generally are waiting on bell jars.  Sometimes these things can be expedited.


Small Degassing System
In this case we are using an air actuated pump
bell jar plate with legs attached small 4 x 6" bell jar
and cheap relief valve some plumbing fittings
this is a higher pressure system not suitable for
RTV Rubbers or silicones but ok for very light viscosity
products for basic air entrainment reduction.

It serves as an example of what these things look like
in a completed set up.

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