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HyVac Single Stage Rotary Vane Belt Drive Pumps

HyVac Products has a pretty wide range of belt drive pumps. These pumps are single stage pumps and can serve a broad range of needs. They are good choices for degassing, roughing vacuum, vacuum chucking and really any application not specifically needing really low pressures below say 20 micron. Because they are single stage they are more simple in their operation. We sell a lot of 2 stage pumps but often the application is one where a single stage pump can do the trick and the user can save the money for something else. These pumps have a single function stator which serves as both the intake and exhaust of the pump. In a two stage pump, the intake stage (or stator) passes the gas to the high vacuum or exhaust stage before it exits the vacuum pump. These pumps are the basic oil sealed rotary vane pumps that have been around for ages. They are belt drive and the pump spins at about 600 rpm. They vary in size from 79 liters per minute up to 500 liters / minute.


  HyVac 7s / 14s / 28s / 45s

These pumps are available in varying electrical configurations including 115V, 
220V, 3-Phase and Explosion Proof.

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