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Small Diffusion Pump Systems

This combination of a HyVac 2-two stage mechanical backing pump with a 750 Liter / minute water cooled or air cooled diffusion pump. It is an excellent choice for attaining vacuums in small scale lab systems with pressures to 10-6 Torr. The system operates on standard 115V 60 Hz current and is relatively small and durable. The system comes complete on a base with diffusion pump mounted and connected to a mechanical pump.

The mechanical pump is our dependable HyVac 2 rated at 20 Liter / minute and is a two stage rotary vane pump. Because of the low pump speed 600 RPM this unit can be expected to provide years of service if properly maintained. The 750 L/minute diffusion pump maintains a short pump down time, high throughput and plateau speed.

Catalog 93275-001

Speed, Air 750 Liter /

Warm Up Time 5 Minutes
Cool Down Time 8 Minutes
Pump Fluid Quantity (Diff) 55cc
Inlet Connector (Diff) 1 1/2 inch Tubing
Ultimate Pressure 1 x 10-6 Torr
Water or Air Cooled

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