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HyVac Small Direct Drive Pumps

HyVac Pumps are modern, direct-drive high vacuum pumps featuring a clean, functional design which provides high performance with vibration less operation. They are portable, light weight and very quiet. The heart of these pumps are their replaceable pumping modules. These assemblies may be replaced by removing six easily accessible screws, vacuum connections need not be broken. Electrical voltage requirements include but not limited to 115V, 220V, 3-Phase Explosion Proof and electrical frequency of 50 or 60 Hz.

90700-001 30L Vacuum Pump is suitable for general laboratory vacuum work or for air conditioning and refrigeration servicing. It is a single stage pump and is noted for it's ultra quiet operation. Ultimate vacuum is 15 micron of mercury.

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Uses replaceable pump module for ease of repair.

90703-001 55L Vacuum Pump is a two stage pump capable of .1 micron can be used for applications such as freeze-drying, vacuum deposition, centrifuging, mass spectroscopy, electron microscopes and evacuation of cathode ray and other gas tubes.

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Uses replaceable pump module for ease of repair.
Controls for both pumps and adjustments are conveniently located. Gas ballast valve, oil sight glass, inlet and outlet connections, on/off switch and oil drain are all easily accessible. All pumps come filled with oil, and shipped with an extra quart of oil, and manual.

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