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Lead Times

New Pumps - Lead times for the different HyVac pumps vary depending on pump and sometimes seasonality.  Certain pumps get a scarce during certain times of the year.  As a general rule of thumb. 0-2 weeks after receipt of order (ARO) although we have made more and more efforts to keep finished pumps on the shelf ready to go.  We basically stock a bare pump, then mount it to a base with the motor configuration spelled out by the purchase.  This can take a couple days to get scheduled.  For customers of record, we have many times "jumped through the hoops" and shipped a pump the same day.  Special motor configurations like explosion proof, three phase or European voltages typically take a little extra time for us to locate and get in stock.

RGA's and repairs -  We try and schedule these to move them through but without a doubt like any business we get behind.  Please allow 2-3 weeks after receipt of your pump.

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