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HyVac encourages distribution agreements for our products and allows true distributors a generous discount on our catalog items.   We offer excellent products at extremely competitive prices.  Those of you in foreign countries, we are familiar with all the efforts needed to conduct exports.


We do private label programs for both pumps and oil.

Our product guarantee assures complete satisfaction for the end customer.

The product lines we manufacture continue to grow.

We are always looking for product lines to acquire so as to expand our production and offerings to the marketplace.

If you have a customer base and want to make more money and provide excellent product alternatives to your customers give us a holler.

HyVac Products, Inc.
P.O. Box 389
Phoenixville, PA

We are not just vacuum pumps.

http://www.neptunepump.com - Manufacturing high quality heavy duty industrial sump pumps, pressure test pumps to 500 psi and also small impeller style liquid transfer pumps.
http://www.qcgsys.com - Manufacturing lab grinders both manual and motorized models in cast iron and stainless steel.  Also manufacturing small industrial centrifuges / separators for various industrial and small batch processing.  Chip wringers.

Check em out and if there is any interest give us a call.

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