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HyVac Products, Inc.

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As if we don't have enough things to do already, we are actively looking for acquisitions.  We have a number of areas that are of interest.  And we have tried to outline them somewhat in a rough manner.

HyVac Products, Inc. is looking for "portable" product lines that involve precision machining.  Would prefer something in the vacuum business but have interest in just about anything that requires some attention to detail in the manufacturing process.  Precision machining job shops in the Delaware Valley are of interest.  HyVac has moved in Spring 1999 to a new larger facility to accommodate increasing business levels, but we are interested in filling the extra space with more business and more machines.

In 2002 HyVac Purchased Neptune Pump Manufacturing Co.  Neptune has been manufacturing industrial sump pumps for well over 60 years.  http://www.neptunepump.com

In 2005 HyVac Purchased the assets of Clinton Separators, Inc.  Clinton is a manufacturer of centrifuges, separators, laboratory grinders, small industrial grinders.  The grinding line started in Philadelphia, PA over 100 years ago.  A new company QCG Systems, LLC was created to receive the Clinton purchase.  The product line is featured at http://www.qcgsys.com

T.S. Morgan is a consultancy company set up to provide business analysis in the Delaware Valley area.  Included in this company is the talent for complete evaluation of existing business, incorporation of computers in process both as an office function and as a data gathering mechanism or to facilitate processes.  Internet hosting and web design services and recommendations.  Complete financial analysis and recommendations.  Specific areas of expertise are chemical / lubricant distribution,   hotel management, and manufacturing.  We are actively seeking "branded" hotels.

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