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CNC Machining

CNC Machining is short for computer numerically controlled machining. It is a computer tied to a machine tool that holds varying amounts and styles of metal cutting tools usually on a tool carousel indexing mechanism. It is an efficient and very precise way of manufacturing quantities of quality metal widgets. This process lends itself to lots of 25 minimum but really more because of the costs involved for initially setting up a specific task or job.  Individual items or twosey, threesey level orders get expensive.  It can take 3-5 hours to set up a job and that cost has to get into the price in some manner.  Small lot items are better at a local prototype or manual machine shop.

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The Process is as Follows :

  1. Review item/blue print to be machined.

  2. Design of process flow raw material to finished product

  3. Determine/design fixturing of part to be machined

  4. Write computer program to power CNC and machine geometry of part

  5. Schedule CNC machine time

  6. Order and review raw materials to be used

  7. Pre-Process of stock raw material (if required)

  8. Set up and offset tools, fixture and CNC machine being employed

  9. Test and run first part

  10. Quality Control inspection

  11. Run rest of parts through machining/QA in process inspections

  12. Part finishing (grinding, burr removal, plating if required)

  13. Final Inspection

  14. Part Shipment

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Depending on geometry and requirements of finished parts steps 1-10 may need to be repeated on different types of CNC machines.

On requirements that would be repetitive, like 100 pieces every 3 months, the second time the parts went through (assuming no print changes) would only require steps 5-11 to complete the process.

Benefits of CNC Machining

  1. Low cost of production. Once set up, the machines will repeat very
    accurately and require minimal machinist level intervention.

  2. High part to part accuracy and consistency.

  3. Fast, consistent thru-put of finished goods. Once started, it really doesn't pay to stop.

  4. With part fixturing, fast setup and rapid shipment from order date is possible.

  5. Happy Customers

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