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We have a fair understanding of machining tolerances and requirements needed in the manufacture of mechanical high vacuum pumps and the associated parts that are used in their assembly. If there is some part you are buying a lot of, or would like a better price on, that fits in some vacuum pump, then give us a shot. We have all the good things required to turn out high quality vacuum pump parts. If the requirement is big enough, we will arrange for tooling and get it cast and get it machined. The use of gray iron castings is standard in the vacuum pump industry. These castings are filthy to work with and require some understanding of to arrange to machine them accurately. Because of our broad manufacturing knowledge we are used to this material and our precision machining customers dictate we work in all types of base metals.


Stators 2.JPG (9399 bytes) Machining Center Plain 2.JPG (7825 bytes) Rotors 2.JPG (16989 bytes)
Pile of HyVac Stators. Tom F and one of our little mills Some Rotors Perpendicular  and Parallel to .0005"

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