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Quality Control and CMM

HyVac Products practices very basic quality control. If the customer isn't happy, it isn't right. We have the capability to inspect to the maximum degree a customer requires or demands. We have done work for the DoD, NASA and US Air Force with inspected work.  We are familiar with government inspections and the detail involved with that type of work.   With our regularly calibrated inspection equipment and use of our CMM machines, it is possible to ship 100% inspected goods to the tolerances initially specified. Obviously, this takes time and time is money, so we kind of leave it up to the customer as to how much and what level of certified inspection takes place on a given item.

A lot depends on the overall tolerances, the important tolerances, the number of inspection points and materials involved as to levels of inspection. We check all incoming raw materials against certifications supplied by the vendor, but in today's global marketplace, steel from the US is replaced with steel from the Ukraine and the supplier forgets to tell us, or it was mis-marked. Certified vendoring is possible to maintain QC, but then costs usually are affected.

When detailed inspection records are needed in the form of Quality Assurance documentation we can accommodate all desires. We do first article approvals, every piece check, every 5th piece, every 20th piece, statistical process control whatever is required by the customer for their systems. We can do most types of non-destructive testing on raw materials or finished goods or both, including, but not limited to, magnetic fluorescent penetrate and x-ray. We have done complete environmental testing in the past, meeting a host of derived and specified conditions and criteria. We have done first article inspections on contracts with the Air Force that ended up being 5 inches thick of testing and documentation. Whatever needs to be done can be done.

We are not ISO9000 or whatever is current and considering some of the goods we see come in from ISO certified suppliers, we are trying to figure out what all the fuss is about. Many of our home grown inspection processes would meet the ISO9000 criteria, but we really don't have an employee who we can dedicate 6 months of time to get the paperwork of this accomplished. We downsized before it became fashionable. Lean and mean with good prices, that's us. Obviously, some people may not see the humor in all this.

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Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine
Tolerances to .00002" that's 2 millionths.


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