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Capabilities & Tolerances


The human hair, thin as mine is, measures about .0022". HyVac manufactures to the following tolerances on a production basis.

Milling / General Machining - .0005"
Turning / Lathe Operations - .0002"
Grinding to Ra 32 Finish - .00005"
Inspection (CMM) - .00002" Precision

Understand that chasing these final tolerances entails quite a bit of time and detail work. The wider the tolerances, the less the amount of detail involved from us, the better the final price.


Capacities of our CNC and manufacturing processes.

Milling / General Machining - 40"x20"x20"
Turning - 20" Diameters
Finish Grinding - 40"x18"

We also offer outside diameter grinding, honing, broaching, saw cutting services available. Computer co-ordinate measuring inspection (CMM) services. We have lots of friends who can do other things.

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