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HyVac What's New and History


What's new this year.  Wow what a year.  There is no time, we are running full bore.

Vacuum Fittings - KF / QF / NW style

HyperVac Vacuum Pumps the 2000 series - Direct Drive pumps

MegaVac Vacuum Pumps - Huge capacity piston pumps

SuprVac - Rotary Vane pumps to .5 Torr

New gauges and more styles

Expanded Bell Jar Offerings

More and more Website Content

E-Commerce soon

Deranged Humor from the HyVac folks.


History - The HyVac vacuum pump manufacturing business originally was based in Chicago under the name of CENCO.  CENCO went through a reorganization in the late 1970s from which Boekel Industries purchased the HyVac vacuum pump line of business.  HyVac Products, Inc. was formed and purchased the vacuum pump business in May 1990 from Boekel Industries in Philadelphia, PA USA.    The HyVac pumps have been in production for over 65 years.  They were one of the first mechanical vacuum pump manufacturing companies in the USA and we continue the tradition to turn out the quality durable product that is so well known in the marketplace.  We have large numbers of customers with pumps in excess of 30 years service in varying applications.   

The customer base is comprised of Universities, Fortune 500 companies, small Neon shops, laboratories and individuals county wide.  Their success and desire for only the highest quality has contributed greatly to our success and continued existence.  We continue to improve processes and products to make sure we are around for another 50 years.  This past year we moved to a new more spacious facility to continue the process of improving both products, deliveries and service to our growing customer base.

As an important part of our success, we thank you.




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