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Rebuild Service and RGAs

We can fix most vacuum pump ours or anyone else's to like new performance characteristics.  We have had 35 year old pumps come in for rebuild and we get them back to complete working order.   For HyVac we use only factory new parts cause well, we are the factory.  We don't play with the old parts, just simply replace them.  If a part meets our inspection process, fine, but if it is out of tolerance, it is scrap.  For other pumps we purchase parts from either the OEM if we can not identify the part, mod the part or buy in aftermarket.  Pumps typically come in as either under performers or non-performers.  If the pump is under performing, we can fix it for a modest cost what we call a minor repair.  If a pump come in locked up with all kinds of crude inside it, we can get it back to working order for roughly 65-70% cost of a new pump.  If you want to tackle the repair yourself, that's ok too, we can help you as much as possible over the phone and if it doesn't work out, or you get bogged down, then send us a box of parts we will fix it.  From a business standpoint, unless you are familiar with these types of pumps it can be a lot less aggravating to send it to us.  Rebuilt pumps are made to new pump specification and pass our rigid test criteria before they are released for shipment.  We will work the repair till it is right.  We have seen a few pumps that we can't fix but most common ones we work on regularly.  Sometimes a pump is better replaced than being rebuilt we do this repair stuff every day and try to be as honest as we can.  Recently we received 5 pumps in from a local pharma facility.  Yeah we could have "fixed them all, but after testing,  found two pumps in the group that were fine from the get go.  These things happen and we simply charge an inspection fee in those cases.

Understand that for a rebuild, we actually often have more work than a new pump from a labor standpoint.

1. Test Pump.
2. Disassemble Pump.
3. Inspect parts for off specification / wear.
4. Rebuild Pump.
5. Place on test again.
6. Repaint Pump.
7. Ship Pump.

In building a new pump during assembly we only do steps 4,5,7.

Estimates - We inspect the pumps as the first order of business.  We try and run them.  Many times we call the customer and tell them there is nothing wrong with the pump or that there is some minor adjustment.  We charge a nominal fee for this but at least we don't repair a good pump.  We have had occasion where we actually talked people out of repairs.  What I am trying to point out is that we are pretty honest about the necessity for a repair.  Sometimes it is beneficial to have us strip the return down and check everything and replace any worn components because the pump is already at our location.  This makes sense because freight can be a big part percentage wise of the total cost of repair.

To get service for your pump you basically call us and we issue what we call an RGA number and fax a copy to you for your records.  We request that you include a copy of the RGA with your pump because we get a lot of pumps at our facility and unless your pump is properly identified with a required course of action detailed, it will just sit until someone calls for it

Notes on shipping back to HyVac.


We only need the pump in Belt Drive pump cases.  This should save you some freight costs.

Be careful with UPS as a choice they have damaged many a pump.  Correct packaging makes them a potential shipper but be forewarned we have had numerous problems in the past with this carrier and vacuum pumps.

Please package the pump with care.  The pumps are relatively expensive and are manufactured to precision tolerances, please remember this when shipping them to us.  Just throwing the pump in a cardboard box and shipping it to us is asking for more repair costs with the RGA.  You might think "What is he talking about of course we would package it well.  This is the voice of experience here.  We have a camera to take instant pictures of the inbound freight damage and insufficient packaging and have used it many, many times.  Did I say many?

That's right, even warranty work.  We have been caught too many times in the past from an pump abuse standpoint and then not receiving compensation from the abuser for the freight.  You are at our mercy regarding the costs associated to freight in a pump.  You will have to trust us on the warranty issues.  Again, we try to be fair about it. Regular repair work the freight is all on the customers account.

We ask you to drain the pump of all oil the pump should be flushed with HyVac Flushing Oil.  We get pumps from many different applications and have no desire to expose our people to whatever it is you are doing.  No offense here but we have many users that may have potentially harmful chemicals mixed in the oil.  We really don't want those items in our plant.  We have a pretty clean operation environmentally and would like to keep it that way.  We also don't want to cause any harm to any of our people they are too important to us.

RGA Instructions

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