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HyVac pumps are warranted for a period of 1 year from date of purchase.   This is against our defects in materials and workmanship.  All the pumps manufactured at HyVac are tested for a period of 5 days.  We run them 24 hours a day, and then test them for a number of specifications before they are released to inventory.  They are completely tested for functionality before shipment.  Our pumps are warranted for clean air flow.  Condensable vapors and other ugly things which may be pulled through them are the customers responsibility.

Not included in our warranty are such things as abuse.  Dropping them off of buildings, replacing the intake fittings and cracking the center plate, running acids through them.  These things are not covered.  There are many solutions on this website to help customers determine the best course of action for minimizing and eliminating those things that can damage a vacuum pump in use.   You may laugh at the last examples, but we really have already confronted them at one time or another.  Some other things the customer gets a jaundiced eye here is to buy a pump then want to return it for credit 6 months later.  Look folks fair is fair and if your testing is over you don't get to return the pump for credit.  We may make an offer on your pump or there always is Ebay or other online auction houses.

HyVac repairs on used or other pumps are for a 90 day period.  This is a basic industrial length of time for work on repairs for this type of service.

Freight.  All pumps under warrantee or not, are shipped to HyVac with the freight prepaid.  We really try hard to be honest on this issue.  After being "burned" in the past this is now our policy.  If it is our mistake and the pump is under warrantee, we will bear the inbound freight and the return freight.  Too many times, we have seen situations of abuse and the customer wants us to foot the inbound freight because the pump is under "warrantee". Yes it is,  but not for the sulfuric acid that went through it.  We here are willing to accept our responsibilities, we fairly ask our customers to do the same.  If you abuse the pump, then accept the costs associated with this and write it off to experience.

See also RGA please.

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