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Leak Detection Service

HyVac Products offers onsite or our site leak detection service for high vacuum equipment. We do outside in or inside out leak detection from small to large systems. We use helium mass spectrometers and can provide all equipment necessary for certification.

Pricing varies depending on equipment required for the testing that is to be accomplished. For rough estimating, our leak testing service prices can vary from $1000.00 - $2000.00 / day plus airfare travel expenses if required.

Generally, there is 1 day for travel in and out and a 1 day minimum for billing. This is assuming air travel; if we can drive to you, we are able to compromise some.

This service was initially developed due to demands from some of our customers and because of the high cost and time involved in setting up a leak detection system and adherence to the testing procedures involved. We do it regularly and can accomplish the certification in less time than most end users starting from scratch. I need not mention the huge cost savings as opposed to spending money for the expense of the equipment needed to set up a good leak detection system.

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