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Shaft Seal Replacement Procedure

For more detail download the Adobe Acrobat File here.

This procedure is for converting pre-1973 seal housings to post 1973 seal housings to accommodate the newer generation external shaft seals. For premature failure of shaft seals on a regular basis see if other elastomeric combinations may help.

The enclosed shaft seal replaces the internal shaft seal supplied on CENCO HyVac« pumps made prior to 1973. The new external shaft seal can be easily replaced as shown in the sketch below.

Installation Procedure

1. Align shaft seal in shaft seal opening with aluminum side out.

2. Spot location of shaft seal mounting holes on outer surface of seal housing.

3. Drill four 8-32 nc holes into seal housing 1/4" deep. Do Not Break Thru.

4. Tap holes for 8-32 thread 1/4" deep.

5. Align gasket, shaft seal. Secure with four 8-32 nc x 5/16 machine screws and lock washers.

SIDE VIEW                                                                  FRONT VIEW

Use aluminum putty in holes if holes break through. Housing is at atmospheric pressure and serves as an oil sump for pump.

Shaft Seal Conversion Kit

Used on HyVac pumps 2,7,7s              Used on HyVac pumps 14,14s, 28,28

P36378-1 Conversion Kit                          P36379-1 Conversion Kit

consists of: consists of:

1 P36378 shaft seal, 5/8" dia. Or              1 P36379-shaft seal, 3/4" dia. Or
    P36370 new style shaft seal.                     P36371 new style shaft seal.

1 P36377-shaft seal gasket.                      1 P36381-shaft seal gasket.


4 machine screws, steel, 8-32 nc x 5/16 4 machine screw, steel, 8-32 nc x 5/16
4 lock washers, steel #8 4 lock washers, steel #8

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