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Capture Filters

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Capture Filter 1/8" Npt


Capture Filter 1/8" Npt


Capture Filter 3/8" Npt


Capture Filter 1/2" Npt


Capture Filter 3/4" Npt


Capture Filter 1" Npt


Capture Filter 1 1/2" Npt


HyVac Capture filters are special exhaust filters that capture the exhaust from the vacuum pump filter the oil mist back into the pump and then allow the actual gas being pumped to be captured for direction to a hood or out of the building by using an exhaust line.  HyVac capture filters employ standard female national pipe thread ports for the capture port meaning the local plumbing supply store can supply mating fittings to port the exhaust.  The filters connect to the pump by either male national pipe thread or industry standard NW flanges meaning they can be simply clamped on the exhaust port.  If you need vacuum fittings we make these also.  the filters employ replaceable elements that are simply changed by removing from the housing and reinstalling a new filter.  The units all come with a port for hooking up a drain line back to the pump.  Because they are "coalescing" filters the oil capture by the media can be returned to the pumps sump.

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