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QF / KF / NW / ISO Flange Fittings

These vacuum fittings have been created and developed to allow for easy connection and disconnection from vacuum systems.  There are a wide variety of options available here but the basic concept is to have two highly machined flange surfaces separated by a rubber o'ring.  There are variations in size, materials, and rubbers/elastomers to fit most any system from relatively simple systems to those requiring stainless steel and exotic elastomers. 

The finished joint is pretty good for pressures to moderate high vacuum numbers.  if the user is going into the very high vacuum range 10-6 and lower then consideration should be given to possible out gassing effects of this type of joint and the materials involved.  There are other alternatives potentially better suited for very high / ultra high vacuum joints that remove some of the concerns which might be present with these types of fittings.  For the majority of the vacuum work out there, these are an excellent choice, allowing a wide variety of options and connection preferences.  Because they can be quickly assembled and dis-assembled they are the construction choice for working vacuum systems.  This feature allows for quick change out of filters, traps, pumps or valves and minimizes potential downtime of the system.

HyVac has a wide variety of these fittings and options to meet most requirements with materials of construction being stainless steel, aluminum, plastic for the hardware and Buna-N, flouroelastomers, and silicone for the o'ring type seals employed in the joint.

Remember what you need to make a vacuum tight joint is (2) flanges, (1) centering ring and a clamp.  They must be all of the same size.

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Clamp Sealed         Break the clamp open  The component parts


Some more examples of NW / QF / KF assemblies

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