Quick Disconnect Fittings - Vacuum

NW / QF / KF / ISO Sizes for 10 / 16 / 25 / 40 / 50

Known under a variety of different names, as listed above, they all conform to the same basic dimensions and design.  These fittings have been designed for vacuum work and have been around for quite a while now.  They basically consist of 2 precision machined flanged surfaces, separated by an rubber o-ring and forced together with a clamp to make a leak tight seal.  HyVac has started to produce a number of these items in a variety of categories.  We have them for sale in quantities from one or two up to 50 piece bulk packs.  Since this is a relatively new area for us, we are anxious to start selling some of these items.  In things like hose fittings and male and female threaded connections we have what we think is one, if not the largest product offering in the marketplace.

Basic Categories for these types of fittings are as follows :

Below is the listing by type.  This is still not complete so check out the list by size for part numbers and pricing data.

There also is a complete listing by size and with all the pricesThis listing is organized for part numbers and prices and set up as order forms, or a shopping list if you will in a downloadable PDF Adobe acrobat format.






Tees and Adapter Tees


Hose Fittings



Crosses and Adapter Crosses


Male Threaded





Female Threaded





Port Covers



VCR Adapters


Centering Rings



VCO Adapters


Stub Fittings



Swagelok Adapters


Weld Fittings



More to come I am sure

Example on how they go together.

Quality - Where economically reasonable we have made these items from solid metal rounds or billets.  Some items like T's and Crosses have welds because that's all you can do to assemble them but, where feasible, we have 1 piece construction.  This is a more expensive way to make these items but it has practical benefits including guaranteed leak free performance.

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