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NW / QF / KF / ISO Sizes for 10 / 16 / 25 / 40 / 50

These are your basic aluminum wing nut clamps generally used in the majority of vacuum joints for these types of connections.  There are also a number of competing styles and designs but the reality is if the clamp wedges the two flange surfaces together compressing the o-ring to make a vacuum tight seal what's the difference.  Because they clamp from the outside they do not see the gas stream being pumped so the need for stainless steel seems overkill.  If the ambient atmosphere surrounding the joint is corrosive then we also have some more expensive stainless steel items that will work here.

These items are packaged loose in baggies.  Nothing fancy, but the price is right.

HyVac Part Number Description
           Standard Cast Aluminum Clamps
60160-001 QF 10 / 16 Clamps Aluminum Wing Nut
60250-001 QF 25 Clamps Aluminum Wing Nut
60400-001 QF 40 Clamps Aluminum Wing Nut
60500-001 QF 50 Clamps Aluminum Wing Nut
           Standard Cast Stainless Clamps
60160-002 QF 10 / 16 Clamps Stainless Wing Nut
60250-002 QF 25 Clamps Stainless Wing Nut
60400-002 QF 40 Clamps Stainless Wing Nut
60500-002 QF 50 Clamps Stainless Wing Nut
           Precision Machined Stainless Clamps
60160-006 QF 10 / 16 Clamps 304 Stainless CNC Clamps
60250-006 QF 25 Clamps 304 Stainless CNC Clamps
60400-006 QF 40 Clamps 304 Stainless CNC Clamps
60500-006 QF 50 Clamps 30 Stainless CNC Clamps

Price lists for all the fittings

Example on how they go together.

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