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Plain Stubs

NW / QF / KF / ISO Sizes for 10 / 16 / 25 / 40 / 50

These are your basic flange fittings for closing over or blanking off a standard port of the sizes listed.  They have a lot more material on them and can be adapted by the user for specific applications in which they want a bore or special thread.  We will make these in whatever material you desire although our standard fittings come in both aluminum and 304 stainless steel.  We can make these in a variety of other materials including plastics and brass.  We make specials no problem.  I say no problem, but specials should have some quantity behind them or they get pricey.

These items are packaged loose in baggies.  Nothing fancy, but the price is right.  Machined from solid bar stock.

I haven't had the time to back fill these prices so if you want to purchase and need the prices we have them all laid out for you in 2 different formats.
Price lists for all the fittings

HyVac Part Number Description
60160-196 QF 16 304 Stainless
60250-226 QF 25 304 Stainless
60400-241 QF 40 304 Stainless
60500-241 QF 50 304 Stainless
  Other Materials, Styles Please
  Call Us !!!

Example on how they go together.

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