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1L Liquid Nitrogen Cold Traps

When used in line with a rotary vane or small diffusion pump, complete trapping of water vapor, solvents and other condensable gases is achieved, as well as a lower base vacuum.á These traps have also been used on diffusion pumping systems to minimize oil vapor migration from the roughing pump to the diffusion pump.á The primary use though, is as a fore line trap for getting condensable vapors out of the gas stream so they do not enter the vacuum pump and degrade the fore line pressure of the pump through contamination.

It is important when using these traps to maintain the level of the liquid nitrogen at the correct level in the trap.

The HyVac LN2 traps come with a number of nice features.á Demountable liquid nitrogen reservoir for easy cleaning, 3 point support brackets, NW16 option port, electro-polished ID and OD 304 stainless steel construction.  Trapping Temperature to -187 Degree F.

The 1 Liter Trap lasts roughly 12 hours.á The 2 Liter about 20 hrs when run at 0-50 micron.á Higher pressure operation decrease life span of LN2 charge.á These are provided as a rough rule of thumb and are not exact.


Trap Assembly

Dimensions for 1L Angle and Inline Traps

1 Liter Inline Port Cold Trap  
Ports Catalog
NW25 34000-000
NW40 34000-001
CF 275 34000-002
1L Replacement O-Ring  
Type Catalog
Fluoro (Standard) 34000-000-A
Buna N 34000-000-B


5,6" and 8" Inline and Angle Traps Available

We have all the QF / NW fittings to hook 
this up to your system also.

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