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HYVAC ATN Liquid Nitrogen Cold Traps

We often employ cold traps to remove water, acidic, basic, solvent or other contaminant rich air streams of those things that can cause difficulty when introduced into the vacuum pump.  In principle cold traps in general work by sublimating a gas molecule,  This means that the molecule transforms from a gas phase to a crystalline phase bypassing the liquid phase. 

When used in line with a rotary vane or small diffusion pump, complete trapping of water vapor and condensable gases is achieved, as well as a lower base vacuum. The trap has a demountable liquid nitrogen reservoir for cleaning, 3 point support brackets for attaching to fixed support or cart top, NW16 option port, the finish of the trap is electro-polished 304 stainless steel in the outside and inside of the trap.  The traps will reach   -70 Degree F temperatures when in operation.  To be effective the traps require periodic emptying or cleaning of the frost buildup because they are most effective when the vapor stream bypassing them is able to contact the super

The 1 Liter trap body measures 4" in diameter
and is roughly 17 inches tall
The 2 Liter trap body measures 6" in diameter
and is roughly 10 inches tall


2 Liter Trap

Other considerations for Liquid Nitrogen Traps

Cleaning LN2 Traps

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