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Vacuum Hose and Tubing

There is basically three types of vacuum tubing/hose used in our business. The first is what we call rubber high vacuum hose and is a high quality, special, thick walled, rubber hose. Number two is clear PVC tubing  you can get either thick wall clear or wire reinforced clear. The third possibility is flexible metal hose made of stainless steel or brass and generally terminated with a quick release flange of some size.  We can also add fittings to the end of any hose and affix clamps of your desire.  From a cost standpoint, the clear PVC tubing is the least expensive, red rubber next and finally the flexible metal hose.

We stock stainless clamps to accommodate all sizes of flexible hose and tubing.

Custom sizes are available, we aim to please.

We have many styles and sizes typically from 1/8" to 1 1/2" ID in stock.

We can terminate for you with quick release vacuum fittings of appropriate dimension.


Rubber High Vacuum Hose
Thick Wall Vacuum Tubing
Wire Reinforced Vacuum Tubing

Flexible Stainless Steel Vacuum Bellows Hose

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