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Belt Drive Vacuum Pumps High Vacuum

Speeds from .3 to 17 cfm (10 - 500 lpm)

Ultimate vacuum to 10-4 Torr

Single and two stage design

Oil sealed rotary vane pumps.

The largest offering pump offering in USA.

Durability is our middle name.


HyVac Belt Drive Pumps 2 Stage 

HyVac 2 / 7 / 14 / 28 / 45

HyVac Belt Drive Pumps 1 Stage

HyVac 7s / 14s / 28s / 45s

HyVac Piston Pumps 1 and 2 Stage

HyVac 1, MegaVac, PressoVac


Small Systems



Belt Drive Pumps
Our Two Stage mechanical HyVac pumps go to 10-4 Torr pressures and have free air displacement from 29-500 liters per minute. These are some of the most popular pumps we make and have a long, successful history in the marketplace. They again are the basic oil sealed rotary vane type design and go by the trade names of
HyVac 2, HyVac 7, HyVac 14, HyVac 28, HyVac 45.

Trap Plate pumps are old style pumps that employ a trap plate and offset rotating rotor. The volumetric throughput of this style is limited in product offering, but this type pump has a good affinity to work through a great deal of end user abuse and will consistently work for very long periods of time without need for repair or rebuild. We have received a number of calls for service or parts for a pump consistently in use with ages in excess of 50 years. Our brands have been around for a long time. PressoVac, HyVac 1, MegaVac.

We also have a complete line of Single Stage (10-2 Torr) that are your basic rotary vane oil sealed pumps from 80 liters per minute to 500 Liter per minute. These go by the HyVac naming convention and are called HyVac 7s, HyVac 14s, HyVac 28s, HyVac 45s.

Our FluoroVac Line was developed for use in refrigeration recovery and reclamation applications. These pumps are generally used to capture refrigerants having vapor pressures lower than 1 torr. We have 4 product offerings in this group and are generally of interest to OEM developers of refrigerant recovery or reclamation systems.

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