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Vacuum Pumps High Vacuum Direct Drive

Single and two stage vacuum pumps from 1 - 50 cfm
Vacuum pressures to 10-3 Torr


HyperVac Direct Drive Pumps


HyperVac 2000 Series Pumps  More New models will be added soon!!!


HyVac 30L and 55L Small Lab Pumps



Direct Drive Pumps
The latest pumps to our line are our brand HyperVac. These are new generation state of the art, direct drive, two stage vacuum pumps having all the new features demanded by the marketplace for current pumps. They vary in capacities from 70 - 1500 Liter per minute and there are a number of models in this category. They are typically smaller, more portable, and more quiet compared to similar specified belt drive pumps. This directly relates to the operational speed 1760 rpm - vs. - 600 rpm for belt drive pumps. The HyperVacs are being updated starting in the year 2001.  We have introduced the HyperVac 2000 models in smaller sizes.

The Model the HyperVac 2000 series will replace the older HyperVac line. The smaller pumps 70L, 100L and 200 L should now be available or very soon.

We offer also a couple small older generation direct drive pumps measuring 30 and 55 Liter per minute. The 30 Liter is a single stage pump and the 55 Liter is a two stage pump. These pumps are fairly economical as far as high vacuum pumps go.


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