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Glass Bell Jars From HyVac Products, Inc.

A bell jar is a glass domed vacuum rated container that when inverted on a vacuum plate or similar flat surface is capable of holding vacuum pressures.   All HyVac bell jars are made from ultra high purity, extra dense glass. Standard option items are a precision ground flange bottom and / or a knob on top for easier manual manipulation.   The jars are also available with a plain bottom and regular round or dome top.  We have some sizes that accomodate a rubber stopper in the top of the dome radius.

Sizes Available and Specifications

Also available protective bell jar cages and custom vacuum chambers. Some standard size chambers are available, as are some used chambers.

Stainless Steel Bell Jars From HyVac Products, Inc.

Stainless steel bell jars are also available and there is basically no real standard size.  Everything is made to customer specification and constructed out of 304 stainless steel.

As can be expected these get a little pricey because of their custom approach to construction as opposed to the glass jars above.

There are a wide variety of options depending on application and customer desires.

More on these

Vacuum Bell Jar Plate

Precision ground 9" steel plate for top mounting on pump or available with stand alone tripod. Release valve is included on bottom of plate. Center Plate location for vacuum source. Precision ground surface to 32 micron finish assures excellent leak free mating surface to bell jar flanges when employing silicone vacuum greases.

We also produce custom / semi-custom bell jar plates up to 22" diameter x 1" or 1.5"  thick in 304 Stainless Steel, 6061 Aluminum or plain steel.  We have options to add legs, 6" standard, greater available.  We can lay in custom holes and have various vacuum rated fittings and valves to create the complete solution.  

They mount either on a bench top or can be floor mounted.  They can have legs or be flush.  We provide generally 2 main holes typically 1/2" or 3/4" FNPT one in the center and one somewhere out towards the plates main diameter.  We also provide between 4 and 6, 3/8-16 straight tapped holes at locations roughly 1" in from main diameter.  These are used to affix legs for sitting on top of a bench or for bolting the plate to a table top or cart.

Typical Plates
Grinding Them into Surface Finish on Steel Plates

For PressoVac Pump      80050-001
Stand Alone With Legs    80050-002

Vacuum Bell Jar Sealants

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