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HyVac Inlet Traps (VIT)

HyVac's Vacuum Inlet Traps (VIT) protect vacuum pumps from foreign materials to insure the highest quality air is entering the pump. The transparent sumps show when to change the insert. VITs are simple to maintain and allow for changing of the filter inserts without removing the trap from the vacuum system. Two sump sizes, 4½" and 9½" are offered. 4½" serves vacuum pumps up to a capacity of 100 l/m. The 9½" serves vacuum pumps ranging in capacity from 150 to 500 l/m.  Both sizes employ a 3/4" FNPT port for the inlet and exhaust of the trap although we can adapt to just about anything under the sun.
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The standard filter element is copper gauze with a large surface area to trap particles and oil vapors. Other filter elements are available for especially difficult environments. Each of the two size traps is offered with 2 types of connections to serve both the older hose connector models (mostly belt driven pumps) and the newer flange connector models (mostly direct drive pumps). All VIT's are furnished with ¾" hose termination on the system side. ISO/QF/NW flange connector models are equipped on the pump side with NW adapters, clamps, centering rings and an NW elbow is available for use as a standoff for easy connection.

There are like a ton of options for filter media to be considered in this type of filter.  Often problems and solutions to those problems are what drives filter media type.   We can go down to 1 micron on particulate filters although typical filters come in around 10 micron.

HyVac # Description
310 H  9½" trap with all hose connectors
310 NW 9½" trap with NW flange connector
315 H   4½" trap with all hose connectors
315 NW    4½" trap with NW flange connector

315 NW Trap standard trap with NW16 quick disconnect vacuum fittings

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