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Precision Machining Services

Because we have all these machines we use to manufacture pumps we inadvertently became involved in some (originally local) job shop machining.  What was determined was that the level of quality we use to manufacture vacuum pumps allowed us to become accepted quickly in our marketplace for high precision machining of component parts for other companies.  Today we manufacture a wide variety of "widgets" for people all over the place including high pressure hydraulic ball valve bodies, parts for the railroad industry, parts for the vacuum industry obviously, medical components and defense related contract and sub-contract work.

Tolerances held

Turning .0005" to 24" diameter
Milling .001" to 20"Wx40"Lx17"H cube
Flat Grinding .00005 to 16"Wx30"Lx10"H cube
Inspection to .00002 via computerized coordinate measuring machine (

We are heavily involved with CAM (GIBBS computer aided manufacturing) witch turns CAD (computer aided design drawings) into program code which we then run on our machines to make parts.  Like RAD for machining.

We specialize in cutting, fixturing and finishing castings.

In general, we are a production CNC (computer numerically controlled) manufacturing plant so for the most part jobs have to run 50 or better units for us to amortize the up front costs (programming, fixturing, setup etc...) associated with a given job.  We look at repetitive jobs as a real plus. 

Please feel free and fax us a requirement at 1-610-792-0600 and we will be happy to quote you. Give us some idea of your requirements.

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