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More Vacuum Pumps

High pressure pumps achieve vacuum up to 29" Hg Vacuum can be used for a wide variety of vacuum applications including filtration, work holding, pick and place and many other applications depending on the users needs.  As with most things in life the right tool for the right job.  Certain applications lend themselves to certain styles of vacuum pumps.  Understanding your specific application and the end pressure desired, time to get there, or other system parameters determines the best pump for your application.

Higher vacuum doesn't necessarily translate into better systems.  Many of our customers are happier with a totally different pumping technology, using suggestions from us after reviewing the application in detail.  Sometimes system parameters can be modified to meet the customers requirements.

1. Air Venturi Vacuum pumps If you have an air compressor these are a good choice to 29"
2. Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps Small Dry Vacuum Pumps to 26" Hg Vacuum 
3. Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps Small Dry Pumps to 29" Hg Vacuum
4. Dry Rotary Vane Pumps Small graphite vane pumps to 24".  Some lubricated to 28".
5. Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Durable workhorse pump for wet applications.
6. Scroll Pumps Newer dry pumps to pressures close to high vacuum.
7. Regenerative Blowers Move a lot of air to pressures about 16" Hg vacuum.

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